The game of balance

The game of balance

Well hello there! 

Long time blog!

Summer has been going in full force and Jon and I have been soaking it all in!  This summer has been quite different for me as in early June I stopped working at my office job as a receptionist and am doing freelance/creative work full time. I’ve been learning a lot about balance and time management and honestly I haven’t given much time to my blog. I want to change that and I am ready to get back into it and I miss it!  So yea there’s a little update for ya 🙂

Today I wanted to talk to you about the topic of phones and social media balance. Since Jon and I both have jobs that require our phones and using them a LOT that we needed, and are still a work in progress, to work on balance. I don’t think my phone or social media is bad but I also want to balance my time on my phone and continually grow in my relationships with people and be in the moments around me. I thought I would just share a few things that Jon and I have implemented in our life that have helped us not be so glued to them! Disclaimer … not all of these we do with perfect discipline , we are imperfect humans just like you,  but these have helped us and hope it might help you to if balance is hard for you!

So lets dive in! 

1. No phones in the bedroom when we go to sleep at night.

But how am I going to wake up you might ask? Well someone a long long time ago invented these things called alarm clocks. ;P So we both got one.. and hey it works! We were going to bed late just scrolling on our phone and my problem was I would wake up and check IG first thing and get sucked in and 40 mins go by and then crap now I’m gonna be late for work! We have been doing this since February and I gotta say (and Jon says it to) we love it and don’t think twice about it. We’ve made our room a sanctuary of just us.

2.  Do not use your phone until one hour after you wake up. 

 I was listening to a podcast and the host mentioned made this rule for himself because once he went to his phone his work day started and he had no morning time. For me it my issue was getting sucked into the black hole of social media and for Jon since he is a realtor and so much of his job is done through his phone so he would wake up and start working. I’m not perfect at this and often I’m still in the habit  wanting to see how a post did but I TRY to check it quickly then put it down. This one has helped me start my day focusing on spending time getting my daily task written down, breakfast, reading my Bible and time with God with better focus.( Also I started doing this at night to one hour before bed and I sleep better because my brain isn’t as stimulated.) Little extra tip there 😉

3. Turn notifications off. 

This might be more personal to me and my personality but I  don’t have any social media notification on, I only have notifications on for certain things. Weather haha because in Indiana it changes all the time, text and emails from only my VIP list. Thats it. No IG or FB notifications or else I would go check it every time I saw a notification pop up.

4. Put a timer on before you go onto social media.

I tried this one the other day because I was about to go on and was taking a break from working  I knew I only had a certain amount of break time and didn’t want to get sucked in and 20 mins pass me by! So I told siri to set me a timer and when that went off I put my phone down and got back to work. Was a little thing that helped! 

5. Take a break from SM and being on your phone 

Go outside for a walk! Be in nature! I can sense when I need a day or a few days off.  Sometimes social media messes with my head , I start the comparison game or feeling down and I just need some space! Sometimes  I go to an extreme and delete the apps off my phone( it won’t delete your social media data) but it aids to no temptation. I always feel refreshed an always almost dread coming back in a way. I have a blog and can be tempted to focus on engagement and that I have to post but I’m learning taking a break is better for me and my focus rather then getting more  followers. 

Some days I suck at all of these and can miss being in moments or focusing on a conversation with my husband.  My hope is this sparks a conversation or for you to think about boundaries for yourself that can you.  Heres to spending more time outside , having face to face conversations and looking up!

Till next time,

Ashlee 🙂 

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