Fox and the Home- Story behind the Name

Fox and the Home- Story behind the Name

Hello Again,

I wanted to share the story behind the Fox and the Home name and starting this blog.

I remember when I first stumbled on a blog back in my freshman year of college of ’09. Bleubird and A Beautiful Mess  where some of the first blogs I read and followed religiously. Blogging intrigued me as is it about building relationships in its own way, taking pretty pictures, and writing from your point of view and being able to share what your passionate about.

I had thought of starting one way back in the day… okay I’m making myself sound really old …but I never did do it. I always let some excuse come up or tell myself I didn’t have anything to say. Shortly after we got married, I had talked with my husband Jon on and off about starting a blog but same thing as before I would always let my fears talk me out of it. At that time I was still working at and Apple store and was a technician and was wanting to do something to fulfill my creative soul.

We talked about what I would want to name my blog/ Etsy shop if I ever had on. I really wasn’t to sure right away. My maiden name is Fox which I have always loved and thought it would be neat to incorporate that somehow. (Random fun fact: I took Jons last name when I got married but switched my middle name from Sarah to Fox when I got married so I could still have Fox somewhere in my name. 🙂  Back to the story, we tossed a few different names back and forth and Jon said what about “Fox and the Home … like a spin off Fox and the Hound which is a Disney movie which you love”He knows me well.. just needs to say the word Disney and my ears perk up.  I liked the ring it had to it so I stashed it away in my memory but didn’t think to much more of it.

On my birthday right after Jon had surprised me with his thoughtful gift. <3

A few months later it came about to a very important day of the year,  September 9th, 2016  AKA MY BIRTHDAY ! We went to a restaurant and had dinner and after we found a place outside where Jon went to go get my birthday gift out of the car. I saw him walking back with 2 big envelopes  and I was a little disappointed because I was like” aww man its just an envelope,…lame” thinking he would have gotten me the million and one things I had suggested to him subtly..very subtly . haha yeaaaa not judgmental at all or selfish of me! * palm to forehead*

Anywho I opened the first one up and it was a long hand written letter. I’ll spare you all the mushy details..ew.gross. No, there really weren’t any but it was a letter to remind me and ENCOURAGE me that he believed in me and thought I was capable of anything I put my mind to and encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and start a blog/shop.

I shed some tears. Which my family can attest, I’m not a huge crier but wow that was a tear jerking letter that pulled at my heartstrings.

The second envelope I opened and I was blown away. What was inside was a letter with all the paperwork done for making Fox and the Home an official LLC…. and It didn’t stop there! He also opened up an business bank account for F&TH and put in $100 dollars for me to start and he created an email account and bought my fox and the home domain name. Yep, yep few more of those tears and not many words. MIND BLOWN.

My intention with sharing this is not to just brag about Jon , even though he did do amazing and blow my mind, but to encourage you and share a little of my story!Who knows if I’ll  be successful at blogging… honestly if I’m not it will not be the end of my world because if anything this has been a huge step for me to work through fear and not let it stop me! I want to encourage you that if your letting fear stop you from something that you have or are dreaming about.. just do it, take that step. It can be scary to start it has been hard for me to put myself out there and not be consumed by what people are gonna say or think but letting that God is in control be my mindset. Trying to focus on living a life NOT controlled by fear or what other people will think or else I would probably never do anything. Hey maybe it’s finding a friend, someone to share your dream with that you trust and ask them to help you. 🙂

Cheering you on and thanks for reading along!





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