5 Products I am loving and use on the daily

5 Products I am loving and use on the daily

Hello, hello and Happy Spring!

I thought I would share a little about some products that have changed my life! Okay that might be tad dramatic but have benefited me in some way and some I use daily! 🙂


1. Ray-Bans – Lets start with these guys. My trusty Ray-Bans… Now just so you realize you are talking to the girl who has never paid more then $20 bucks for a pair of sunglasses. For the longest time I wanted a nice pair of glasses but never could fork out the money because I didn’t think it was worth it. Often I would either lose or scratch my sunglasses and was afraid the same thing would happen with these. BUT but… there is a but … forking out the money for these was really worth it and here is why for me. I added up my buying cheap sunglasses that I didn’t take care of over the year and I had bought about 4 to 6 pairs bringing me close to $120 bucks. The very fact that I did pay a lot for these has helped me take better care of them and become aware of where they are and I haven’t lost them yet! Winning. Also the the glass really is amazing on these and you do notice the quality difference over cheap sunglasses. Another tip – spending the extra money on getting the polarized for driving in the snow is so worth it! I wear these every single day and it has been worth every penny. I got these at Sunglass Hut but you can really find them anywhere. Another place I have found Ray Bans for a decent discount is Nordstrom Rack.

Link here- Ray-Ban Aviators



2. Eye Duty Triple Remedy – by First Aid Beauty. Continuing the talk about eyes, this little tube and I have become BFF’S. I use it every single day. A Sephora sales rep suggested this product for me a while back. Basically, I buy anything they suggest because I feel intimidated by the reps with their flawless makeup jobs and feel like they’re secretly giving me a makeover with all there subtle suggestions of what I should do and try hahah .. so I’m just like, sure I’ll take it all. This product has caffeine and licorice root in it which helps with dark circles, lines and has a light feel with a hint of concealer. My favorite part is the stainless steel applicator which you use to rub the product in with under you eye and it cools and helps depuff your eyes in the morning. You can find this for $36 bucks at Sephora and Ulta. It last me a good few months because you don’t have to use very much.

Link here- Ulta Triple Eye Duty


3. Madewell Scarf – Obviously I don’t wear these daily but it is a trend I am liking and wear them often. Not being a huge jewelry person, I’ve liked this trend because it takes a simple plain T and adds some flair! I pair them with plain T’s most often, stripes as seen below and now as summer is coming around I’ll add them to a simple sun dress. If you think you are one of those people that ” can’t pull it off” welcome to my life! I have said that about a lot of things but ehhh YOLO right! Just try it 🙂 I have bought a few of these from different stores but Madewell has my favorite patterns and are only $12.99 (which is probably the cheapest thing you will find in that store).

Link here – Madewell Scarf


4. Magnolia Table Cookbook– I almost made it out of target with buying ONLY what was on my list… until I saw this. Dang it. *eye roll* ( but not mad about it at all 😉 ). I picked it up and held the thick book with beautiful high quality pictures, a clean layout… oh and good lookin’ recipes too and quickly decided it was coming home with me. I’m excited to give some of these recipes a try and this is my first cookbook I have ever bought so feel special Joanna Gaines! It has a good mix of healthy and hearty food. I mean it’s Joanna Gaines so can you really go wrong?? I got it on sale for $17.99 at Target but you can find it on Amazon and pretty much anywhere for about the same price.

Link here- Magnolia Table Cookbook


5. Sunrise Alarm Clock– It’s my alarm clock that simulates a sunrise. Weird or awesome….don’t really care, I use it and love it! I don’t use my phone as my alarm because I would hit snooze so many times or just waste a lot of time scrolling through IG in the morning. So I did a lot of research and got this guy! How it works-  let’s say you set your alarm for 6:30, at 6:00 it automatically turns on the built in light and slowly gets brighter and brighter until 6:30. At 6:30 the alarm goes off with a sounds of your choice, mine being ocean waves. Upon doing lots of research waking up to light is one of the best natural ways to wake up and to start your day helping you not feel so groggy. I HATE a loud jarring alarm clock to wake you up ( that was totally NOT directed at my husband and his jarring alarm clock ;P). I’ll be honest it doesn’t work prefect and sometimes I will sleep right through it. For the most part I wake up slightly before my alarm because of the warm light in our room and it really does light up the whole room! I was concerned it would be obnoxiously bright but its a warm glow like a sunrise. Hah imagine that! Hey anything that helps me wake up and be a slightly more happy camper is much appreciated by me and Jon. I got this one from Amazon and  there are a lot of different ones out there with slightly different features. The brand and similar version is linked here.

Link here- Sunrise Alarm Clock




Well hey thanks for reading along and if there are any questions on any of these lemme know 🙂


Until next time!



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