Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

Hello …February!

This is my January post that somehow time passed me by and now it’s turned into my February post! I mean I am sure you have all been dyyyying to find out about my thoughts on 2017…. if anyone even remembers last year at this point…2017 that’s old news. Well better late then never! Hah

Any who, I don’t really do new year resolutions but I do try and spend some time reflecting and setting some goals and pursuing dreams that I have.

Jon and I spent New Years in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays…and let’s be honest we are already old people that don’t stay up much past 10:30. haha We brought food to our little cabin so we didn’t have to go out much. We read some, watched some movies, talked and really just spent some time resetting physically, mentally and spiritually.We decided its a new years tradition now 🙂

So upon that trip I though I would do a short recap on 2017 of some things fun, new and challenging that 2017 brought.


Someplace I traveled to that I’ve never been before…

Cancun! A friend from my freshman year of college invited me to go with her and well you can’t really turn down Cancun. If you do turn it down you better rethink your life, just saying’.

A unforgettable memory…

Jon surprising me for by birthday with a trip to California! I didn’t know until a week before that we were going anywhere and I found out our destination on the way to the airport in a card that he gave me! I had no clue… so it was a total surprise which he had had been planning for a few months. Sneaky sneaky! He did real good…. reaaal good. We started in San Fran with a pit stop in Yosemite then road tripped down to SoCal to spend time with my family. A trip for the books!



Something challenging I went through…

Overcoming my fear to start a Blog! The struggle was ( is still ) real but I finally did it!  It’s something I have been wanting to do for a while and God is constantly working on me to not let what other people think or might say drive me but to what focus on what God wants for my life.

A musician/band I have came to love this year… 

The Lumineers! They are now added to my list to see live! I love to discover  new artist. Actually credit goes to Jon in this one.  I more of the DJ/music buff in our relationship but credit goes to him for this one 😉

Favorite Show I watched….

The Office.Yes it’s not a new show but I’d never given it much of a chance and I almost gave up on it Season 1..but we kept on going and it’s now a favorite of ours! #teamdwight #andjim&pam

A goal of 2017 I achieved or improved in…

Eating better and exercise! Finally found a workout that I really enjoy and pushes me. Also, I have really taken the time to learn about nutrition and the food I am putting in my body. Don’t worry I won’t give up pizza and In-N-Out but just learning about portion control and what I am actually putting in my body and the effects of it has changed my way of eating.


What I am looking forward to in 2018 

At the beginning of the year  I have switched to being part time at my job. The reason for this is to focus some energy and time on my creative pursuits, this blog being a big part of that! I want to really work on content that is beneficial to my readers and real. So yea… I’m looking forward to spending more time focusing on my creative ventures and building blog content that is real, helpful and relatable! I have  some other ideas in my brain I’m thinking about pursuing but for now my this blog is the focus and to see where it goes.

We are also looking forward to traveling more! We have some exciting travel adventures we are working on for this year.


Thanks for following along… the fact that people are reading this even if its just a few it means a lot and is encouraging to keep it up!



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