My Transition from Suburbia California to Small Town Indiana

My Transition from Suburbia California  to Small Town Indiana

Hello and Happy Thursday All! 

Today I thought I would share a little about my transition from suburbia into a small town.

I often get asked when people find out/know I moved here from SoCal, what it is like to live in a small town? How is that transition and was is it a culture shock?

When my friends and family first found out I was moving to small town Indiana from California I felt that most people pictured something like this…

Okay, okay I’m joking.. sort of hehe… Yes Indiana does have electricity and all the modern convinces of a city believe it or not! Not that I EVER made fun of my husband a time or 2 or 3 about living in a corn field without electricity. 😉

One of the biggest things of change for me has been living in a place that has SEASONS! Where I am from in California, you basically live in a perpetual summer of hot to warm, slightly cool then back to hot again. The saying here in Indiana is, if you don’t like the weather just wait 24 hours and it will change. Ain’t that the truth!

On the flip side, seasons have been awesome to experience because growing up in sunny SoCal there are things you’ve heard about all your life but don’t get. For example christmas songs were always a myth to me… What is a white christmas? or people actually wear beanies to keep their heads warm and not just to look cool and hipster like ? With seasons like Fall you get to go to Apple Orchards and it has a crispness in the air and the leaves actually change these amazing colors!! Spring is a whole new thing.. FLOWERS BLOOMING EVERYWHERE! Dare say I even like seasons? I am enjoying them.. except one month of winter would be long enough for me but ya know, it is what it is!


Secondly, something you always hear about small towns is “ Everyone knows each other”.Thats what they say… and though this can be an exaggeration it really is crazy how much truth there is to it. If you are involved in a job working with people or have grown up in the community, even if you don’t know them personally, you will probably know who they are related to or what they do for a living.Since I work in our town and we work with lots of people on a daily basis its come to the point where pretty much anytime I go out I see at least one person I recognize or know. I even know who the Mayor is for crying out loud!


Thirdly, people can think the Midwest is all corn fields and everyone is a farmer. Not gonna lie….I kinda thought the same thing. To find out, yes there is a lot of corn here but there is city, suburbs and more then just corn. I actually think the corn fields have a beauty of their own to them 🙂 This city girl had to get used to the amount of land people owned, holy cow! One time I told Jon ( my husband) we should go to this park I had seen close by… he then informed me that was someones yard. Oh and its like half of the price to live here vs CA. NO BIG DEAL. Gah… the money I could have saved

Also no traffic, people did you hear me… NO TRAFFIC! Well in the city there is some but it’s not to bad. This might not be a big deal to you BUT if you have every been to or lived in LA / Orange County area and go 30 miles that takes you 2 HOURS you would understand.

Being able to move the whole time driving here was kinda unreal for me… (which probably explains why I got pulled over 3 times for speeding in the first  6 months of being here…oops) You might hit some traffic here but it’s usually due to trains and Amish buggies. ( and YES I did just write Amish buggies, that was also a new sight for my eyes to see)


Lastly, fairs ,4H, farmers market, and family owned businesses are something you see a lot of.

Something I have really liked about being in a smaller community is you understand the meaning of LOCAL small business. It really means something out here. At farmers markets you’re talking to the farmer himself and small local business that are family owned are trying to make it in a corporate world. I’m not against corporate businesses… I mean hello I love target and worked at Apple 6 years but I do see the impact of supporting local businesses here. I have seen where buying or getting services from a  local place is appreciated and you are helping the economy of your town!

So what is my take over all? I like it, I really do. I miss the city and suburbs at times and it was and still is a transition. Thankfully Indy isn’t far and other subarea areas where I can get my city fix. I realized I could come at this change with 2 attitudes of discontent or embracing it. So instead of fighting it I’ve accepted knowing this is where God wants me I have chosen to embrace it and enjoy it. 🙂

Thanks for reading along and if you made it all the way here to the end you get a cookie!


Okay I can’t really act out on that promise but go treat yo self to one! 🙂

Till next time!


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  • Loved it Ashlee! There are wonderful things and hard things about every new place we move to. Thanks for sharing your experiences so frankly. Was fun and a blessing to read. Looking forward to more!

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